Indian Wedding Photos in Aruba

Part 4: An Elegant Evening Reception at Tierra Del Sol

Tierra Del Sol Aruba Wedding Reception

The northern tip of Aruba is a desert dreamscape. Massive rolling sand dunes tower along a nearly endless rock hewn coastline dotted with large cactus and aloe plants. Before reaching the nature preserve that is the Arashi and California Dunes, one of the last built structures is the gorgeous Tierra del Sol – a swanky resort ideally positioned atop a knoll with stunning ocean views in three directions. And, it was here that Sachin and Nitu hosted the final celebration of their four day Indian wedding on the Caribbean island of Aruba. 

The party was a glorious western style evening reception that began with cocktails at sunset on the multi-tiered outdoor patio space at Tierra del Sol. As the sun went down the party heated up with dinner, speeches and dancing well into the early morning hours. 

This is part 4 in a four part series about an amazing destination Indian destination wedding photography story on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Click any of the links below to jump to a different post in this series. 

An indian wedding bride and groom dressed in western evening attire, a beautiful cocktail dress and a white jacket tuxedo, stand for a wedding portrait amongst giant cactus at Tierra del Sol on the Caribbean Island of Aruba by destination wedding photographer Drew Bird.
A classic and gorgeous wedding party portrait with over twenty bridesmaids and groomsmen and the Indian bride and groom. The wedding party are beautifully arranged sitting and standing on giant rock boulders at sunset at Tierra del Sol on the north shore of Aruba in the Caribbean by Aruba destination wedding photographer Drew Bird.

“Drew!  We are in awe of the photos you captured!!!  We are so grateful to have you be part of our wedding story. You captured our friends and family so honestly and beautifully. The photos are MAGIC and take us right back to Aruba and one of the best weeks of our lives. THANK YOU!”

–  Sachin & Nitu, Indian Wedding Clients in Aruba

Tierra Del Sol is an absolute gem of a wedding reception venue. Our professional photo team spent 5 days photographing all over Aruba for Sachin and Nitu's destination Hindu wedding celebration. And I couldn't think of a more fitting venue for the final party - the terraced patio landscape surrounded by palm trees and cactus make Tierra del Sol a fabulous setting for an elegant wedding reception and party.

–  Drew Bird, SF Bay Area Photographer
Specializing in Indian and Hindu Weddings

A very creative and artistic wedding portrait with the bride and groom standing together and silhouetted by the sunset so that their heads together make the shape of a heart. The word love can be seen in the distance through silhouettes of giant cactus plants. Indian wedding reception photos at Tierra del Sol in Aruba.
A woman stands leaning back into a man, his arms are around the woman at dusk with a large illuminated sign that says love glows in the background. The ocean is visible on the horizon. A wedding reception at Tierra del Sol in Aruba.

"South Asian and Indian weddings - especially the traditions and customs rooted around Hindu weddings - have such an incredible flare. The colors are rich. The textures and layers are dramatic. The aromas and flavors are mesmerizing. And the symbology of every act, every flower petal and decoration, and each moment are imbued with deep historical and cultural meaning. This makes our work as documentarians and journalistic style wedding photographers perfectly matched to the complexity and beauty of Indian wedding celebrations.”

–  Drew Bird, SF Bay Area Photographer
Specializing in Indian and Hindu Wedding Photography

"Drew felt like part of our family. He made us feel so comfortable. Everyone loves the wedding photos and all of our guests raved about his presence and warmth."

–  Sarah & Greg, San Francisco Wedding Clients

“Drew works diligently to integrate into whatever scene he’s photographing in a way I’ve never seen before from any other destination wedding photographer. We were incredibly pleased to see the rapport we had felt with Drew immediately extended to our friends and family at our wedding weekend.”

–  Carmen & Barrett, Austin, Texas wedding clients

"Pre-planning is a really important part to make any destination wedding photography successful. This is especially true for a 5 day (Hindu) Indian Wedding on Aruba with 400+ guests. My team and I have developed highly intentional and evolved systems that make everything about working with us stress-free, easy, and fun.”

–  Drew Bird, SF Bay Area Photographer specializing in Hindu and Indian Weddings

A gorgeous portrait of the indian wedding couple at sunset. The bride and groom are standing on top of a sand dune with an epic sunset in the background. Professional wedding photography by Drew Bird at Tierra del Sol on the Caribbean Island of Aruba.

This is part 4 in a four part series about an amazing Hindu and South Asian destination wedding in Aruba, Caribbean. Click the following links to jump to any other post in the series:

Part 1 is an epic adventure photo session we did with Sachin and Nitu all over the island of Aruba.
Part 2 is the Indian Wedding Welcome Party at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort.
Part 3 is the Indian and Hindu Wedding ceremony on the beach at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort.
Part 4 is the evening wedding reception Tierra Del Sol on the island of Aruba.

**All photos in this post by Drew and Stan for Drew Bird Photography. Special help from Emily, our Photo Assistant and Lighting Magician. 

Drew Bird is recognized as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in California and one of the top 100 Destination Wedding Photographers in the world by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. He is currently based in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area and creates destination wedding photography stories for clients world-wide. Get in touch with Drew.

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