Rustic Farm Wedding in Sonoma

Patrick & Joe’s story at Rosewood Estate 

Patrick & Joe

On the night we met for the first time, Patrick and Joe told me that they were planning to quit their jobs. We were sipping on some delicious red wine at The Barrel Room in Oakland. Joe leaned towards me, eyes wide and said, “we want to travel the world and then settle down in Mexico after the wedding.” Patrick nodded in agreement and offered a warm, confident smile. I knew in that moment we’d have much fun creating a photo story together for their wedding.

It’s hard to believe that our first meeting was more than a year ago now. We created some really fun engagement photos in a redwood forest in the Berkeley Hills. Patrick + Joe’s had an amazing and rustic Sonoma farm wedding at Rosewood Estate near Petaluma, California.

A Rustic Sonoma Farm Wedding

The wedding weekend was nonstop fun and included a ceremony and cocktails atop a sun drenched knoll with panoramic views of quintessential California rolling hills, dinner in an idyllic pastoral meadow surround by rustling long fescue grass and wildflowers, and a high energy dance party inside an old, rustic barn.

Living Your Dreams

After the wedding, Patrick and Joe left their San Francisco jobs behind and traveled the world for a few months before settling down in Guadalajara, Mexico where they are both teachers. A few weeks ago I received this really nice email:

“Drew- these images are fantastic!! We are in Cambodia now and just got a chance to look through them. It was so much fun to relive the day and we are blown away by the photos. We were totally cracking up over some of the moments you captured. We LOVE them!! Thank you for everything!!! We can’t wait to share some of these with our families and hold on to them forever. You rock, thank you!”

Here’s to love, living your dreams, and seeking adventure. We hope you enjoy this collection of images from Patrick and Joe’s Sonoma farm wedding story.

“ Drew - these images are fantastic!! We are blown away by the photos. We were totally cracking up over some of the moments you captured. We LOVE them!! You rock, thank you for everything!

Venue: Rosewood Estate. Sonoma Farm Wedding. Petaluma, California. 
Wedding Planner: Jen @ Bloomfield Events

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